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Western Iowa Energy

In February of 2004, $22 million from Iowa’s Investors was raised in only a few short days.  The construction of Western Iowa Energy began in June of 2005, with production beginning in May of 2006.  WIE employs 30 individuals from Wall Lake and the surrounding communities.

The $40 million plant is capable of producing thirty million gallons of Biodiesel per year.  It is governed by a seven member board of directors who are elected by over 700 shareholders.

The flexibility to turn multiple feed stocks into Biodiesel puts Western Iowa Energy in a good position to take advantage of changing market conditions. The 30 MGY WIE plant not only can refine and bleach it’s own soybean oil; it can filter and refine other crude vegetable oils and animal fats.

The flexibility of the plant is due to WIE’s special pre-treatment facility which features a centrifuge to spin out heavy gums and lecithin in crude vegetable oil, and a stripper column that strips out free fatty acids to eliminate the “soap” that would otherwise result.

This two-step process allows WIE to filter product coming into the plant and produce a pure oil for the Biodiesel production process.

Renewable fuels made from vegetable oils and animal fats are increasingly replacing diesel fuel.  Iowa’s Biodiesel industry is growing at a rapid pace, and the use of Biodiesel blends across the state is growing in popularity.

Biodiesel is 100% renewable….we’ll never run out of it.  If it gets in your water supply, there’s no problem–it’s vegetable oil!  You can drink it if you like, but we do not recommend it, it's said to have a horrible taste!

Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel, nearly carbon-neutral, meaning it contributes almost zero emissions to global warming!  Biodiesel also fairly dramatically reduces other emissions.  We like clean air, how about you? 


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Brad Wilson, President/General Manager
Mike Altmanshofer, Vice President of Operations